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Board Gamers Anonymous

Dec 22, 2013

It's only a few days until Christmas, so Anthony, Chris, Dan and Kim discuss the games they each want to find under their trees this year. We also review some of the games we played recently, including Cheaty Mages, the Talisman City Expansion, 12 Days, and the Avengers vs. X-men Heroclix starter sets. 

01:43 - At the...

Dec 14, 2013

This week Anthony, Chris, Dan, and Kim discuss the newest games to hit their table including Coup, the newest Second Summoners from Summoner Wars, Flashpoint Fire Rescue's most recent kickstarter updates, and Relic Runners, the newest game from Days of Wonder. 

02:44 - At the Table: Coup

16:48 - At the Table: Summoner...

Dec 8, 2013

This week Anthony, Chris, Dan, and Kim, along with special guest George, discuss Bootleggers, the long awaited addition to Dan's collection. We also talk about some of our acquisition disorders going into the final two weeks pre-holiday, and a few of the hot iOS apps to hit the App Store or go on sale of late. 

00:23 -...