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Board Gamers Anonymous

Nov 9, 2014

This week Anthony, Chris, Daniel, and Drew discuss a handful of hot new games as well as the recent Extra Life event held at Gamer's Gambit in Saddlebrook, NJ. In the feature slot we have Pandemic: Contagion (review copy provided by Z-Man Games) as well as recent plays Machi Koro, 7 Wonders: Leaders, and Dread Curse. We also discuss Veteran's Day and games that honor our men and women in uniform, and a recent Kickstarter concern from one of our listeners.

04:57 - Shout it from the Tabletop

14:52 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

20:04 - Kicking the Habit

20:53 - At the Table: Dread Curse

25:20 - At the Table: 7 Wonders: Leaders

31:46 - At the Table: Machi Koro

38:30 - Feature Review: Pandemic - Contagion

59:02 - Final Round: Veteran's Day

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