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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jan 29, 2015

Episode 55 Link:

This week Chris and Anthony present a new feature, reviewing sticky situations at the tabletop and discussing whether they fall on the side of cheating or gaming. Whether it's over-zealous meta, poor rule explanations, or other borderline activities, we argue where the line of cheating really is. We also discuss Paperback and Sutakku, Chris brings Kicking the Habit home to BGA for the first time, and we discuss some of our upcoming acquisition disorders. Oh and Suburbia, Suburbia, Suburbia, Suburbia, Suburbia. 

08:27 - Shout it from the Tabletop

18:44 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

27:03 - Kicking the Habit

29:36 - At the Table: Sutakku

35:32 - At the Table: Paperback

45:19 - BGA Court: Gaming vs. Cheating

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