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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jun 12, 2017

Will there one board game to rule them all or is the force strongest with planet hopping adventures? 

This week Anthony and Chris answer one of the great questions of nerddom - Lord of the Rings or Star Wars? Or at least, we try to answer it within the context of two games - War of the Ring and Star Wars Rebellion. 

We'll be digging into the nitty gritty of both of these behemoth asymmetrical 2-4 player pop culture simulators, with plenty of opinions on all of their aspects. 

Additionally, we'll be talking about new content from developers of both games - Hunt for the Ring and Rise of the Empire expansion for Star Wars Rebellion with our acquisition disorders. 

Plus, reviews of Lorenzo Il Magnifico and Yunnan.

Acquisition Disorders: 3:07

At the Table: 7:20

War of the Ring vs. Star Wars Rebellion:17:12

Question of the Week:34:15​