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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jul 17, 2017

This week, Anthony and Chris dig into the top 10 battle games - board games that are primarily built around combat. These are not wargames, but mid-heavy weight board games that utilize some of the core mechanisms we know and love from wargames and board games alike to create a unique, combat-oriented experience. Listen to our top 10 picks in this category. 

In addition, we share our recent plays and dig into the question of the week, with answers from the listeners - discussing their most controversial takes in gaming. Next up, we share our acquisition disorders with Twilight of the Gods and the new Stefan Feld game, Merlin. 

We also share two reviews At the Table. Anthony digs into Barcelona: Rose of Fire from Devir and discusses how it holds up in multiple group settings. Chris then dives into Ulm from R&R Games to see if it's heavy enough for long term play. 


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