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Board Gamers Anonymous

Apr 30, 2020

This week we have another special guest on – our good friend Liz Davidson from The Dice Tower and Beyond Solitaire. In our feature, we discuss her favorite game, Mage Knight, plus a recent shift towards more historical games. 

But first, we discuss the question of the week: What are the top three games you would recommend to reflect your taste in board games? 

In acquisition disorders this week Anthony looks at 1840 Vienna Tramways (yup, 18XX!), Chris looks at Canvas, and Liz looks at Final Girl - you can tell Kickstarter is our only outlet for new games right now!

At the table, Anthony discusses The Isle of Cats - and yes, a polyomino game about cats is in fact quite good. 

Finally, in the feature, Liz digs into why Mage Knight is her favorite game, but how she's starting to explore more historical games and what that means to her as a teacher and a scholar. 

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