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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jun 18, 2020

This week we’re looking at the BGG list of upcoming releases for this summer. With conventions canceled or only-online, we're in for a strange release schedule. Let's see what it looks like through August. 

But first, we discuss our question of the week: What board game drew you into the hobby?

In acquisition disorders this week Anthony looks at...not an 18xx game! He's interested in Crash!, the new trick taking game on Kickstarter right now from Carl Chudyk. Chris digs into Freedom Five: A Sentinel Comics Board Game coming soon from Greater Than Games. 

At the table this week, Anthony reviews On the Underground: London/Berlin and Chris reviews Takenoko's expansion content. 

Finally, in the feature, Anthony and Chris run through the top 15 games on the upcoming list for this summer on BoardGameGeek. New games may be added after recording, so we'll be touching back on this in July and August for updates. 

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