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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jun 25, 2020

This week we’re looking at one of our all-time favorite designers ahead of a slew of new releases coming from him this fall - Stefan Feld.

But first, we discuss our question of the week: What's the current number 1 game on your wishlist?

In acquisition disorders this week Anthony looks at Imperial Struggle, the long (looooong) awaited sequel to Twilight Struggle from GMT Games, and Chris looks at Domination, the newest wargame from Phalanx now on Kickstarter. 

At the table this week, Anthony reviews Welcome to New Las Vegas and Tiny Towns Fortune, while Chris looks at Sanctum, the newest video game turned board game from CGE. 

Finally, in the feature, Anthony and Chris rank their top ten Stefan Feld games ahead of several new releases and Kickstarters coming this fall from the great man himself. 

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