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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jul 2, 2020

This week we’re looking at some of the games in our collections that we stand by but that rank fairly low on BGG. Call them hidden gems. Call them bad games. Either way, we love 'em! 

But first, we discuss our question of the week: Is there a game you love but have never won?

In acquisition disorders this week Anthony Overlord: A Boss Monster Adventure and Chris looks at Roll Player Adventures - both sequels to very popular Kickstarter campaigns and live right now. 

At the table this week, Anthony reviews Smartphone Inc, the Kickstarter for which just shipped. Chris reviews a pair of party games, One Key and When I Dream. 

Finally, in the feature, Anthony and Chris share five games each from the bottom rungs of the BGG rankings that they respectively love. These are games that will never leave our collections, but that other people may be hesitant to play. 

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