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Board Gamers Anonymous

Sep 28, 2013

This week, Anthony, Chris, Dan and Kim discuss Spyrium, arguably (and we do emphasize "arguably") the best worker placement game to hit our table this year, along with Shadow Hunters, Werewolf Inquisition, Mage Wars, and San Juan. 

Additionally the crew talks about how to get video gamers to the table by matching games across mediums, especially in the wake of a $1Billion payday for Grand Theft Auto V. 

01:50 - The Hotness News

13:30 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

30:34 - At the Table: Shadow Hunters

42:12 - At The Table: Werewolf Inquisition

48:33 - At the Table: Mage Wars

59:49 - At the Table: San Juan

1:07:19 - Feature Review: Spyrium

1:35:34 - Discussion Topic: Getting Video Gamers to the Table

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