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Board Gamers Anonymous

Sep 26, 2018

If you're a long time role player or if you have a friend who would rather spend their evening playing D&D than a new board game you bring over, we have six games this week that might bridge that gap. 

Before diving into the feature, we kick things off with our question of the week, asking you, the listeners, "What's the weirdest way and least expected strategy with which you've ever won a game?"

For our acquisition disorders this week, Anthony looks at Periodic: A Game of the Elements, a new science game from Genius Games on Kickstarter, and Chris looks at Arthur, the first expansion for Stefan Feld's Merlin. 

At the table this week, Anthony reviews Dwar7es Winter and Archmage, and Chris looks at Whistle Stop and its expansion, Rocky Mountains. 

Finally, in our feature, we share six games you should check out if you're a big fan of RPGs or if you're trying to convert wayward friends to the board game fold. 

  • Question of the Week: 4:39
  • Acquisition Disorders: 8:30
  • Dwar7es Winter Review: 13:45
  • Archmage Review: 19:17
  • Whistle Stop w/ Expansion Review: 24:17
  • Best Board Games for RPGers: 33:08
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