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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jan 30, 2020

To kick things off this week we look at the listeners’ responses to the question of the week, asking about games that people feel don't get enough love. 

In acquisition disorders this week, Anthony looks at the long-awaited (but likely very expensive) reprint of Clash of Cultures and its expansions. Chris looks at Alma Mater, the followup from the design team behind Coimbra and Lorenzo il Magnifico. 

At the table this week, Anthony digs into the newest Alexander Pfister release, Expedition to Newdale, and Chris looks at two expansions; Turmoil for Terraforming Mars and the pair of new expansions released in the recent Kickstarter for Trickerion. 

Finally, we dig into six games you might like if you enjoy or have been eyeing a new copy of Marvel Champions: The Card Game. 

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