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Board Gamers Anonymous

Aug 29, 2018

Wait, what? Five years already? Dang, time flies. 

That's what this episode is all about as we take a look back at the last year of the podcast with our favorites from 2017-18, but also at the last five years and what we've been able to accomplish in that time. Join us for four new reviews, a bevy of good games we're...

Aug 22, 2018

This time of year is full of gaming with the kids. School hasn't quite started but the summer has slowed down, plus lots of new games from cons to get to the table. So this week we're looking at the top ten children's games we get to our tables. 

First up, though, we ask the listeners what gamer they love to play, but...

Aug 17, 2018

We had a chance to speak with a ton of great publishers, designers, artists, and gamers at Gen Con and recorded some of those conversations. 

In this special bonus episode you can find all of our interviews in a one hour presentation, featuring conversations with:

  • ARES GAMES: 1:34
  • AEG: 12:26

Aug 14, 2018

We're tackling one of the great games of skill and chance this week as we look at six modern board games you might like if you're a fan of Poker. Whether you're getting into modern hobby games or just looking for something new with poker mechanics in it, we have a few you might want to check out. 

To kick things off, we...

Aug 7, 2018

Gen Con! 

We're back from the big show and are excited to share with you everything we saw, played and experienced at the show this year. 

We start off by discussing the games we got a chance to demo or see that aren't yet out, but that we are excited to see more of in the weeks and months to come. Then we delve into...