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Board Gamers Anonymous

Aug 31, 2014

This week Anthony, Chris, Daniel, and Drew discuss one of the great acquisition disorder questions of our day - Kemet or Cyclades? We also spend some time discussing Defenders of the Realm and Myster of the Abbey, and Drew takes a dive back to look at Die Macher, a sought after classic. 

02:14 - Shout it from the Tabletop

10:05 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

18:18 - Kicking the Habit

22:51 - At the Table: Mystery of the Abbey

29:36 - At the Table: Defenders of the Realm

39:50 - At the Table: Die Macher

43:52 - Feature Review: Kemet vs. Cyclades

01:10:56 - Q&A: Favorite Worker Placement Games

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