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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jan 21, 2015

This week, Chris, Anthony, and Drew bring a brand new feature to the podcast, helping gamers everywhere decide what to play next after Settlers of Catan. We'll share 9 games that match the mechanics, look, and feel of Catan in various ways so you can pull your gamer newbie friends deeper into the hobby. We're also talking about Diamonds, Aquasphere, and Revolution: Anarchy:

09:21 - Shout it from the Tabletop!

20:02 - Acquisition DIsorder Corner

29:39 - At the Table: Diamonds

37:21 - At the Table: Revolution - Anarchy

42:34 - At the Table: Aquasphere

51:53 - Feature: If You Like Catan, Try...

1:19:16 - Final Round: Press Your Luck Games!

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