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Board Gamers Anonymous

Feb 3, 2015

This week Chris and Daniel get together to compare two dungeon crawling, friend stabbing good times in Boss Monster (with the Tools of Hero Kind expansion) vs. Munchkin Deluxe. They also discuss recent plays of Dungeons & Dragons tth Edition and Amun-Re, and discuss some of what they're excited to see in the weeks to come, including new D&D 5E accessories, the Boss Monster video game and more. 


02:38 – Shout it from the Tabletop: D&D 5 Edition: Player Feedback & Dreamation 2015 

8:48 – Acquisition Disorder Corner: D&D 5 Edition: Accessories: DM Screen & Spell Cards. Also, Munchkin #1 Comic Book & Boss Monster the Video Game 

23:22 – At the Table: D&D 5 Edition: Warlock Class

28:10 – At the Table: Amun-Re

33:15 – Kicking the Habit:Epic PvP: Fanatasy

39:30 – Boss Monster w/Expansion vs. Munchkin Deluxe


Dreamation 2015: (

Epic PvP Fantasy Kickstarter: (


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