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Board Gamers Anonymous

Feb 20, 2015

This week the BGA team with Chris and Daniel sit down to discuss the Top Ten Games that Need to be App Games! Our At the Table is all Euro this week as Chris talks about Rococo, Concordia,  Yedo, and Keyflower with a new D&D segment from Daniel called, Analyze Dweomer.    
Shout it From the Tabletop: Dreamation 2015, 7 Wonders App Game, & Online D&D
Acquisition Disorder Corner: Elysium & Deus
At the Table Review:
Yedo: 16:20
KeyFlower: 22:53
Concordia: 26:10
Rococo: 28:40
33:40: Analyze Dweomer: D&D 5E: The Cleric Class
45:30: Top Ten: Games that Need to Be App Games
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