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Board Gamers Anonymous

Mar 8, 2015

This week, Chris, Anthony, Daniel and Drew get together to Shout it From the Table Top and super size our Final Round with games that need to be convention size!

Chris, Anthony, and Daniel take a trip all over gaming with our Feature, If you Like Ticket to Ride, Try... We give nine great next step games that take TTR to the next level!

We’re also talking about Baseball Highlights 2045, Flea Marketeers, and Courtier.

06:04 – Shout it from the Tabletop!

19:37 – Acquisition Disorder Corner

26:05 – At the Table: Baseball Highlights

33:15 – At the Table: Flea Marketeers

39:20​​ – At the Table: Courtier


47:35 – Feature: If You Like Ticket To Ride, Try…

1:02:16 – Final Round: Super Size Convention Games

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