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Board Gamers Anonymous

Nov 2, 2015

This week on Episode 94, we're comparing two of our favorite Ted Alspach games to determine once and for all (probably) which is better - Suburbia or The Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

  • Intro: Extra Life Charity: Board Game Geek List Auction!
  • ​Shout it From the Tabletop!​
  • Acquisition Disorder:Super Dungeon Explore Legends,  Porta Nigra, Blackout: Journey into Darkness
  • At the Table: T.I.M.E Stories,  
  • Munchkin Expansions:
    • Unnatural Ax 
    • Clerical Errors
    • The Need for Steed​​
    • De-Ranged 
    • Demented Dungeons
    • Cheat with Both Hands
    • Half Horse, Will Travel!
  • Feature: ​Suburbia vs. Mad King Ludwig
  • Final Round: What game components are you planning to give out on Halloween instead of candy?

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