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Board Gamers Anonymous

Oct 2, 2017

Chris and Anthony are back this week with another if you like... episode. This week, we're looking at Stefan Feld's The Castles of Burgundy - one of the highest rated point salad games every made! 

Specifically, we're going to dive into six games you might like if you also like Castles of Burgundy, with two lighter games, two medium games, and two slightly heavier games. 

In addition, we have our question of the week, asking people what games they consider average that they are tired of others heaping praise on. 

Then Anthony dives into his acquisition disorder with Artificial Intelligence, the new What's Your Game? release scheduled for 2018, and Chris looks at the new game from the designer of Splendor, Marc Andre, Majesty: For the Realm. 

At the table this week, we look at Attack on Titan: The Last Stand, and Tiny Epic Quest. 

  • ​Question of the Week: 6:25
  • Acquisition Disorders: 10:05
  • Attack on Titan: The Last Stand: 15:02
  • Tiny Epic Quest: 24:50
  • If You Like Castles of Burgundy, Try...: 32:19

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