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Board Gamers Anonymous

Feb 18, 2014

This week, Anthony, Chris, Dan, and Kim discuss a host of hot new games including Tokaido's Crossroads expansion, City of Iron, Rampage, and one of the big games of 2012-2013 - Terra Mystica. Listen as Anthony crow's about his hometown team's Super Bowl win, we compare the beauty of a walk through Japan to the blood and treachery of Spartacus, and we wonder how many people have gotten the flu playing Rampage. 

03:15 - The Hotness News

18:21 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

30:55 - At the Table: 1st and Goal

40:57 - At the Table: Tokaido Crossroads

51:08 - At the Tabe: Spartacus - A Game of Blood and Treachery

57:12 - At the Table: City of Iron

1:04:14 - At the Table: Rampage

1:14:32 - Feature Review: Terra Mystica 

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