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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jun 15, 2014

Anthony, Chris, Daniel, and Drew review a handful of recent favorites including Knuckle Sammich, Turkey My Mayonnaise, and High Tail It. Daniel also announces an important new endeavor for the BGA team and we review Freedome: The Underground Railroad. 

00:56 - The Hotness News

09:43 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

23:10 - Kicking the Habit

26:49 - At the Table: Knuckle Sammich

31:37 - At the Table: Turkey My Mayonnaise

36:29 - At the Table: Dubious Alliance

37:21 - At the Table: High Tail It

40:20 - At the Table: Anthony Visits Pittsburgh

43:45 - Feature Review: Freedom The Underground Railroad

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