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Board Gamers Anonymous

Sep 19, 2019

Congratulations to Antoine, our Patreon contest winner from last week who will be receiving a game of his choice from Game Surplus.

If you want to join the fun, become a Patreon backer for your chance to enter. Every backer is eligible to enter the contests, which run each week from Thursday until Monday at 8pm EDT when we record. for more information.


This week, we kick things off with our question of the week, “What's a map or module you'd love to see for one of your favorite games?”

For our acquisition disorders this week, Anthony looks at Crystal Palace, a new one from Feurland Spiele and Capstone coming out at Essen this year, and Chris looks at Upstairs, Downstairs - an Obsession Expansion.

At the table this week, Anthony and Chris both look at City of the Big Shoulders, the first game from Parallel Games and one that has been hotly anticipated on both of our tables. We're also running a contest, so be sure to visit or our facebook page at for a chance to win a copy of City of the Big Shoulders.

Finally, in our feature, we look at games that can help turn gateway gamers on to heavier games. 

  • Question of the Week: 6:36
  • Acquisition Disorders: 10:58
  • City of the Big Shoulders Review: 18:44
  • Feature: How to turn Gamers on to Heavier Games35:53
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Patreon -

Contest Winner - Antoine

New Contest - City of the Big Shoulders
#QuestionoftheDay: What's a map or module you'd love to see for one of your favorite games? Find us on Social Media   Buy, Play, Dodge, Burn AD: Crystal Palace
AT: City of the Big Shoulders
AD: Upstairs, Downstairs: an Obsession Expansion
AT: City of the Big Shoulders