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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jun 29, 2014

On this episode, Anthony, Chris and Drew pit 32 of the best fantasy tabletop games of all time against each other in one epic battle royale to determine which is the best (in our opinion). The full line up includes (scroll down for the podcast embed):

Group A
Mage Knight Board Game
Shadows over Camelot

Jun 15, 2014

Anthony, Chris, Daniel, and Drew review a handful of recent favorites including Knuckle Sammich, Turkey My Mayonnaise, and High Tail It. Daniel also announces an important new endeavor for the BGA team and we review Freedome: The Underground Railroad. 

00:56 - The Hotness News

09:43 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

23:10 -...

Jun 9, 2014

This week, Anthony, Chris and Daniel discuss the hot new dungeo crawler, Myth, along with a few classics like Alhambra, DC Deck Builder and In the Year of the Dragon, Anthony and Daniel also dig into the compelling simplicity of Hearthstone on the iPad and we celebrate big news for the podcast!

00:36 - The Hotness...

Jun 1, 2014

In Episode 28, Anthony, Chris, Daniel, and Drew discuss the multiple award nominee - Lewis and Clark - along with a few other recent favorites including our early playthrough of Evolution, Daniel's love affair with Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and a recent happy find in the bargain bin, Hotel Samoa. 

00:28 - The...