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Board Gamers Anonymous

Dec 27, 2015

It's our final show of 2015, and we're back with a look at the year in review. We'll talk about some of the more interesting stories from December, the games we wanted most in our Acquisition Disorder review, the best gaming experiences we had all year at the table, and then four special best of categories as selected by the BGA hosts:

  • Intro: Our new release schedule (watch out for surprises too!)
  • Shout It From the Table Top: News from around the table
  • Acquisition Disorder: Our most wanted of 2015
  • At The Table: Our Best Game Experiences at the table
  • Feature Review: The best "______" of 2015
  • Best "​artistic designs" of 2015
    Coolest gimmick of 2015
    Best solo game of 2015
    Best family game of 2015
  • Final Round: Our most memorable moments in 2015

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