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Board Gamers Anonymous

Apr 14, 2015

This week Chris and Drew get together to talk about How to: Gaming Groups. How to Find them...How to Join then...How to Start them...How to Manage them...How to Do Some Good (Charity, Networking, Business, Purchases)...

4:36 – Shout From The Tabletop: Cardboard! Rich Summoner

19:30 – At the Table: The Palaces of Carrara 

23:50 – At the Table: 12 Realms

23:50 – At the Table: Cash & Guns (2nd Edition)

34:16 – Acquisition Disorder Corner: Gloom Fairytale

34:16 – Acquisition Disorder Corner: 504

42:55 – FEATURE: HOW TO: Gaming Groups

1:06:33 – Final Round - King of the Throne Games​