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Board Gamers Anonymous

Jan 19, 2014

For the big Episode 2-0, the BGA Crew records live at Myriad Games in Staten Island. Joined by good friend and fellow BGA-er Mike, Anthony, Chris, Dan and Kim discuss a handful of hot new kickstarter games, Suburbia Inc., Talisman, Tales of the Arabian Nights, the Back to the Future Card Game, and Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. 

01:21 - The Hotness News

16:46 - Acquisition Disorder Corner

19:05 - At the Table: Back to the Future Card Game

24:44 - At the Table: Tales of the Arabian Nights

27:28 - At the Table: Suburbia, Inc.

31:37 - At the Table: Talisman Night

37:05 - Feature Review: Robinson Crusoe

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