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Board Gamers Anonymous

Apr 17, 2020

We're back! This week we have a special guest on - the designer of our #1 game of 2019, City of the Big Shoulders: Raymond Chandler III. In our feature we discuss his influences, favorite games and plans for the future.

But first, we read your answers to last week's question of the week and share a new one, What would you like to see from a digital board game convention?

For Acquisition Disorder this week, Anthony looks at Forgotten Waters, the new Crossroads game from Plaid Hat Games, and Chris looks at Ankh: Gods of Egypt, the newest big box game from Eric Lang and CMON.

At the table, Anthony discusses The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine and Chris looks at the Steam implementation of Through the Ages. 

Finally, for our feature, we sit down for a bit with Raymond Chandler III to talk about City of the Big Shoulders, 18xx, Kickstarter and more. 

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